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Kiwi Energy: An Ohio Energy Supplier That Cares About the Environment

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Welcome to Ohio

The beautiful Buckeye State has a unique blend of rural nature and city convenience. Ohio houses 75 state parks that offer majestic views of the landscape. Its vibrant cities like Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland provide access to various arts, culture, and dining experiences.

Many of the state’s residents strive to reduce their energy usage and take other eco-friendly actions. Although there are various Ohio energy suppliers, few can compare to Kiwi Energy in terms of environmental protection. In fact, it’s concerning to note that some utility companies within the state take actions that negatively affect global warming.

Kiwi Energy is an environmentally conscious energy retailer offering electricity and natural gas. We work diligently to protect the environment by supplying energy to customers throughout the state of Ohio and across the globe. Keep reading to learn what sets us apart from other Ohio energy providers.

We service across the entire state (Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, etc.)

Our Services

We’re an Ohio electric provider offering a variety of electricity and gas services to fit different budgets. Deciding who you get your energy from can be tough, but choosing the right provider can improve your service and support your efforts.

At Kiwi Energy, we strive to give back as much as we take, which is why our plans include RECs and carbon offsets. REC stands for renewable energy certificate and demonstrates that the owner owns a megawatt-hour (MWh) of energy from a renewable source. Carbon offsets are projects that minimize total carbon emissions.

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Electricity Plans

As an Ohio electric supplier, we offer three different electricity plans to Ohio residents:

  • Kiwi Clean Variable: Featuring Kiwi Clean and Wind REC, plus a month-to-month variable rate for 36 months.
  • Kiwi Green 100: A month-to-month variable rate for 36 months, usage matched at 100% of RECs.
  • Kiwi Green 50: A month-to-month variable rate for 36 months, usage matched at least 50% of RECs.

Gas Plans!

We also provide three gas options for residents of Ohio: 

  • Zero Gas: A month-to-month variable rate for 36 months that’s matched 100% with carbon offsets.
  • Zero Gas 100: A month-to-month variable rate for 36 months with usage matched at least 100% of carbon offsets. 
  • Zero Gas 50: A month-to-month variable rate for 36 months with usage matched at least 50% of carbon offsets. 

Switching to any of these plans is easy—just fill out the brief form to start the enrollment process. As an added bonus, we don’t charge switching fees! If you have questions about any of the plans below, contact us and we’ll connect you with an expert as quickly as possible.

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Why Kiwi Energy?

Kiwi Energy is an Ohio energy supplier that cares about preserving the state’s natural resources. If you choose us, you get energy that’s matched with RECs and carbon offsets. We also give back by making contributions to the Kiwi Environmental Fund for every customer.

RECs and Carbon Offset Projects

As mentioned, the plans we offer include RECs, which allow for enhanced tracking of renewable energy. When power enters the grid, it’s no longer possible to tell whether it comes from a renewable or traditional source so tracking systems are in place . Kiwi Energy uses RECs as credits against power usage.

A carbon offset project involves actions that reduce carbon production, offsetting what’s produced through other actions. Examples include planting more trees, methane management, and handling landfill waste gasses. A portion of each customer’s bill helps to fund carbon offset projects!

Learn more about RECs and carbon offsets on our Energy FAQ page.

Kiwi Environmental Fund

In addition to the environmental support offered through our energy plans, we maintain the Kiwi Environmental Fund. This fund supports non-profit organizations that also care about the environment.

Organizations that receive funding from the Kiwi Environmental Fund must meet specific criteria:

  • Sustainable long-term solutions that benefit the planet
  • A culture of environmental accountability
  • Dedication to building stronger, supportive, and environmentally aware communities
  • Grassroots initiatives to raise awareness about environmental issues

Kiwi Cares about the Community

We take a wide stance when it comes to environmental issues, which extends to the efforts made in communities throughout Ohio. Kiwi Energy partners with various organizations, including the Ohio River Foundation, to support efforts to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the environment.

Kiwi Rewards

We value our customers greatly, and we want to express our appreciation. When you switch over to Kiwi Energy from another Ohio electric supplier, you get access to our Kiwi Rewards program. By joining our Kiwi Rewards program you can earn $25 in Reward Dollars each month you are enrolled in one of our plans!

Use the rewards you earn toward:

  • Restaurants
  • Grocery coupons
  • Travel
  • Online shopping
  • Local deals

It’s just another way to say thank you for utilizing our services and helping the planet.

Join Kiwi Energy Today

Join today and do your part to protect your state and keep it beautiful by switching to Kiwi Energy. You’ll help fund community and global environmental projects, do your part to save the earth, and get access to gas and electricity plans that work with your budget.

Enroll today and start the switch. If you have questions, ‌contact us to speak to an energy expert.

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Kiwi Energy FAQ

A few questions tend to come up regularly when discussing switching Ohio energy suppliers. Review some of those questions, with answers, below.

Is There a Fee for Switching?2022-10-11T14:54:21-04:00

Kiwi Energy doesn’t charge a fee for a “standard switch” of suppliers. Most Ohio utility companies don’t impose a switching charge either. You can confirm with your current utility provider before making the switch.

When Will the Switch Occur?2022-10-11T14:54:10-04:00

The switch will take place at the first meter read after you join the program. The process typically takes one or two billing cycles to complete.

How Do I Pay My Bill?2022-10-12T11:54:35-04:00

The utility company will still bill and collect payment for the energy supply and delivery, so you can pay as you normally would. For more information on how to pay Ohio Utilities, visit our contact page.

Will I Get a Separate Bill from Kiwi Energy?2022-10-11T14:54:47-04:00

No, you’ll receive just one monthly bill from your utility provider. The Kiwi Energy charges will appear on that bill, which you can pay via the various methods offered by the company. Most utility companies in Ohio accept payment online and by mail.

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