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Welcome to Ohio

Ohio’s beautiful, fertile landscape has more to it than what meets the eye. Home to a large region of America’s Great Plains, it encompasses the Lake Erie Shoreline, the Till Plains, the Appalachian Plateau and the Bluegrass Region in the south. This state is also known for several natural resources including coal, natural gas, and halite (rock salt). There is much to appreciate about the great state of Ohio.

Why Your Energy Habits Matter

This unique landscape is one worth protecting and Ohio is taking part in this effort as it seeks to improve the environment and take future preventative measures. Ohio is working to raise awareness of state environmental issues including global warming, Lake Erie pollution, and public lands pollution just to name a few. Kiwi Energy energy company is an innovative energy supplier who is playing their part for the environment by offering eco-conscious energy solutions to Ohio residents.

How You Can Help

By choosing Kiwi Energy, you are also helping contribute to a more sustainable future. We enable you to offset your energy use and to help create a sustainable future while choosing a great electric and gas provider. But the effect of your choice does not stop there. Your individual choice of supplying your energy from an environmentally conscious electricity and gas provider will contribute to an overall societal shift towards this environmentally friendly direction and play a key role in this nationwide effort. So make sure you don’t choose just any energy supplier and choose the best electrical and gas company for your environmental efforts.

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Here at Kiwi Energy, we match electricity with renewable energy certificates and natural gas with carbon offsets. Kiwi Energy not only prioritizes environmental awareness but our customers take top priority as well. After all, the end goal of this growing effort is to make a healthier, happier world for everyone to live in.

We want everyone in Ohio to enjoy the natural beauty of the Great Plains of America and its other impressive natural features by providing people with a way to take steps towards a cleaner future. Do your part to make this shift to an environmentally friendly way of life and switch your gas and electric company today. Kiwi Energy makes it easy to switch and start enjoying the benefits of eco-minded energy and natural gas products.

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