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5 Reasons to Switch To Kiwi Energy

1. Innovative Energy Solutions

Innovative electricity and natural gas products

Clean energy products

Choose clean electricity matched with RECs and gas matched with carbon offsets
* see our energy plans for products available in your state, products vary in each state

Protection for your home with Kiwi Guard

In addition to your electricity and gas supply, choose either:

    1. HVAC Protection – protects your budget from the high cost of repairing and replacing your heating and cooling system that you rely on every day, giving you one less thing to worry about.
    2. Surge Protection – Offers you the peace of mind in knowing that your appliances and electronics are covered against electrical surges throughout your agreement with Kiwi Energy.
      * see our energy plans for availability in your state

2. Treat yourself and the planet by becoming an Ecogold member

Gain exclusive members-only benefits

  • Receive ongoing Ecogold Benefits of your Kiwi Energy supply costs*
  • Discounts on our Ecogold participating brands*
  • Member competitions and giveaways
  • A donation is made to the Ecogold Environmental Fund for every new customer

*Receive either 5% Ecogold Rewards once you accumulate an initial $25 and $50 for subsequent rewards or 3% Cash Back sent after 12 months.

*Ecogold Program not available to New York customers.

3. Support your environment with the Ecogold Environmental Fund

Every time a customer joins Kiwi Energy we make a contribution to the Ecogold Environmental Fund, these contributions help support organizations and groups running environmental projects. If you’re planning a project to support the environment or you’re running one already please contact us, we’ve got the energy to make it happen!

4. Switching is easy

It’s easy to switch to Kiwi Energy, once you’ve enrolled with us, you will receive one final bill with supply charges from your previous provider, on the following bill Kiwi Energy will be your supplier. You will continue to receive just one single monthly bill from your local utility company for your Kiwi Energy supply charges and your utility delivery charges.

5. Energy efficient products for your home

Kiwi Energy recognizes that energy efficiency is more important than ever, with many of us still working from home. That’s why Kiwi Energy offers a variety of energy-efficient products through our Ecogold Loyalty Program. *Promotions vary depending on state

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