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Environmental Fund

The Ecogold Environmental Fund

The Ecogold Environmental Fund is a private fund established and funded with contributions from Kiwi Energy in order to support non-profit organizations domestically and abroad.

The Ecogold Environmental Fund contributes to programs that align with the fund’s values of sustainability, integrity and environmental accountability, the Ecogold Environmental Fund is dedicated to supporting organizations that:

  • Have long-term, sustainable solutions that focus on people and the planet.
  • Foster a culture of sustainability and environmental accountability.
  • Dedicated to building stronger, supportive and environmentally conscious communities.
  • Organizations raising environmental awareness through grass root initiatives.

If you’re planning a project to support the environment, or you’re running one already please contact us.

These are some of the organizations the Ecogold Environmental Fund has supported and partnered with for several initiatives. Find out more on our blog.

Brooklyn Greenway Initiative logo
Transportation Alternatives logo
Ohio River Foundation logo
Earth Spark International logo
La Casita Verde logo
Wild Forests & Fauna logo
EarthWatch Institute logo
Grow NYC logo

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