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About Kiwi Energy

Kiwi Energy is an energy retailer dedicated to providing innovative energy solutions for electricity and natural gas supply.  As a company we pride ourselves on transparency and our team is always happy to help with any questions about the services provided or the energy industry. Contact us today to speak to an energy expert!

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Kiwi Energy supports individuals, organizations, and groups running environmentally focused projects through the Kiwi Energy Environmental Fund. For every new customer acquired by Kiwi Energy, a contribution is made to the fund. You can find more information on the Environmental Fund section of this website and apply for funding using the online application form. Kiwi Energy also rewards customers through our Kiwi Rewards program!

Our management team has decades of experience in the retail energy industry both in the U.S. and abroad, providing customers with the security of knowing they are dealing with an experienced, environmentally focused company with proven systems and know-how. Enroll with us today!

Kiwi Energy Providing Services in New York

As an environmentally conscious energy provider, we supply New York homes and apartments with energy and gas plans to fit your needs. Everyone who signs up with Kiwi can help save energy and support the environment. We encourage and promote ways to lessen the carbon footprint and conserve energy. 

Learn more about our energy services in New York.

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Kiwi Energy Providing Services in Ohio

As an energy provider in Ohio, we offer a variety of electricity and gas services that will fit many different homes and budgets. We understand that finding the right provider can be tough, we know that we can help provide you with the services and support that you need and can rely upon.

Learn more about our energy services in Ohio

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