Ecogold FAQs2021-04-15T17:21:53-04:00

Ecogold FAQs

We’ve provided answers to some commonly asked questions regarding our Ecogold loyalty program. If you don’t find the answers you are looking for, please contact us toll free at 1-877-208-7636 or email us at 

*Ecogold is not available for new New York customers

How do I claim my ongoing Ecogold Benefits?2020-04-27T11:00:55-04:00

All Ecogold benefits are redeemed via the Ecogold website. Once you have registered your Ecogold membership account you can start to utilize the benefits.

I do not have a computer and do not have an email address, are there any other options?2020-04-27T10:59:31-04:00

Even customers without email or internet access can still enroll in our Ecogold Loyalty Program, they can ask a trusted friend or family member to help them access some of the Ecogold benefits.

How does my Ecogold loyalty program work?2020-04-27T11:05:45-04:00

Customers eligible for the Ecogold program will have ability to purchase energy-efficiency products and discounted gift cards from participating brands. To access your account register at using these steps: 1. Verify your account using your customer number, phone number and email, 2. Set your password and security question. 3. Update your profile information

What is Ecogold?2022-05-24T10:19:47-04:00

Ecogold is an environmentally focused loyalty program that is offered to all active Kiwi Energy customers. The program offers a wide range of reward choices and discounts with participating brands. Ecogold does not carry membership fees.

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