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Gas and Electric Company in Cincinnati, OH

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Going Green with Gas and Electricity in Cincinnati: The Queen City

Nestled along the banks of the Ohio River, Cincinnati is a city with a rich heritage and forward-thinking attitude toward environmental sustainability. Known for its historic architecture, bustling arts scene, and innovative green spaces, the Queen City is increasingly focusing on eco-friendly initiatives.

As a key gas and electric company in Cincinnati, OH, Kiwi Energy is excited to contribute to this green revolution, offering energy solutions that support Cincinnati’s commitment to a sustainable future. We are proud to make it easier than ever for residents to reduce their carbon footprints and embrace cleaner, renewable energy sources.

Our Services

Kiwi Energy is dedicated to providing Cincinnati residents with several environmentally conscious energy solutions. Take a look at our diverse selection of electric and gas plans below.

Choosing Kiwi Energy as Your Electric Company in Cincinnati, OH

When you choose Kiwi Energy as your electric company in Cincinnati, OH, you’ll be able to choose between:

  • Kiwi Clean Variable: Enjoy the flexibility of a month-to-month variable rate plan for 36 months, enhanced with the Kiwi Clean and Wind REC.
  • Kiwi Green 100: Commit to green energy with our month-to-month variable plan, where 100% of your electricity usage is matched with renewable energy certificates (RECs), fostering a sustainable energy future.
  • Kiwi Green 50: Choose a lighter green option with a month-to-month variable rate plan that matches at least 50% of your electricity consumption with RECs, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.
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Choosing Kiwi Energy As Your Gas Company in Cincinnati, OH

As a leading gas company in Cincinnati, OH, we proudly offer these natural gas plans:

  • Zero Gas: Align your gas usage with your environmental values through a month-to-month variable rate plan for 36 months, matched 100% with carbon offsets to neutralize your gas consumption’s carbon footprint.
  • Zero Gas 100: Opt for our month-to-month variable rate plan, where your gas usage is matched 100% with carbon offsets.
  • Zero Gas 50: With this month-to-month variable rate plan, at least 50% of your gas consumption is counterbalanced with carbon offsets, contributing to a greener Cincinnati.

Why Choose Kiwi Energy?

What distinguishes Kiwi Energy as the premier gas and electric company in Cincinnati, OH, is not only our comprehensive suite of green energy plans but also our unwavering commitment to enhancing our customer experience. Our Kiwi Rewards program rewards those who join us in our green journey with exclusive perks.

With Kiwi Energy, you gain more than just an energy provider; you gain a partner dedicated to preserving the environment and contributing to a more sustainable future for Cincinnati and beyond.

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Join Kiwi Energy Today

Step into a greener future and positively impact our planet by selecting Kiwi Energy as your gas and electric company in Cincinnati, OH. Together, we can pave the way for a sustainable Cincinnati, one home at a time. Switch to Kiwi Energy today and be part of the growing green movement in the Queen City.

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