Home Energy Reward Program in New York and Ohio

Kiwi Energy offers a variety of energy plans in New York and Ohio. Customers who sign up for our Kiwi Green 50 plan will gain rewards through our Kiwi Rewards Loyalty program.

Kiwi Rewards Benefits

We recognize the importance of working together to help the environment. We appreciate all you do, just by being a Kiwi Energy customer. As a thank you, you will receive $25 in Reward Dollars each month you are enrolled in one of our plans. These reward dollars can be used and/or redeemed in over 500,000 ways!

The rewards we offer our customers include, but are not limited to:

  • Local deals
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery coupons
  • Giveaways and bonuses
  • Online shopping
  • Travel options

Plus, customers can also participate in daily gift card giveaways and more! You can save up your reward points as they never expire, with easy, 24/7 online or mobile reward access. You can also take advantage of bankable reward dollars that never expire.

As a Kiwi Energy customer, you can earn up to $25 in Reward Dollars each month!

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Online reward
access 24/7/365!

money icon

Reward Dollars
that don’t expire!

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mobile features!

money bar icon

Rewards that
really add up
every month!

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Local Deals

Over 330,000 Deals at Popular Local Shops
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Over 85,000 Deals at Name-Brand Restaurants
Gem icon

Daily Giveaways

Daily Amazon.com Gift Card Giveaway
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Online Shopping

Savings On Thousands of Name-Brands
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Bonuses & Games

Pick to Win Prizes & Epic $500 Giveaways
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Grocery Coupons

Grocery Coupons to Save Big at the Store
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Show & Save

Show & Save On-The-Go Functionality
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Travel Options

Over 1,000,000 Popular Travel Options

Get Your Kiwi Rewards Benefits Now!

By paying your energy bill, you have the opportunity to receive rewards toward thousands of benefits. Continue to give back and simultaneously earn rewards by enrolling in an eco-friendly Kiwi Energy plan today!

*This program is currently not available for New York customers.

All product names, company names, and logos depicted are (1) the property of their respective holders, (2) used solely for illustrative purposes, and (3) not meant to imply any affiliation with or endorsement by their holders. Participating offers subject to change. Kiwi Rewards is a voluntary, and ongoing customer loyalty, connection, and community resource created by Kiwi Rewards for select Kiwi Rewards customers over the age of eighteen. Customers are required to enroll in Kiwi Rewards by online/mobile in order to redeem. Customer email required. Kiwi Rewards is not a one-time promotion or inducement to contract/purchase, and has no cash value. Kiwi Rewards terms are available online.