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Gas and Electric Company in Columbus, OH

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Welcome to Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, OH, has a lot to offer its residents and a lot of beauty to love and protect. When you immerse yourself in this area’s arts, culture, music, history, and fantastic food, you can’t help but want to preserve what makes this area great, including the rolling green hills, rivers, trees, and other lush vegetation.

Named for the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, the spirit of adventure and innovation is still alive and well in Columbus, OH. That’s why we at Kiwi Energy know our community is ready to make strides in environmental protection. We are the gas and electric company of choice for Columbus, OH, for forward thinkers and environmentally conscious consumers. Choose Kiwi Energy for today and an even better tomorrow.

Our Services

Kiwi Energy cares about the environment. That’s why we work hard to promote and support eco-friendly living and environmental protection with energy from independent renewable resources. Our electric and gas power plans include renewable energy certificates (RECs) and carbon offsets to minimize carbon emissions.

Energy contracts with Kiwi Energy have an initial term of 36 months and variable rates depending on the market conditions and other key factors. You may cancel at any time.

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Electric Company in Columbus, OH

Choose from two different electricity plans from Kiwi Energy:

  • Kiwi Green 100: A month-to-month variable rate for 36 months, usage matched at 100% of RECs.
  • Kiwi Green 50: A month-to-month variable rate for 36 months, usage matched at least 50% of RECs.

Gas Company in Columbus, OH

Kiwi Energy offers two gas plan options for residents in Columbus, OH:

  • Zero Gas 100: A month-to-month variable rate for 36 months with usage matched at least 100% of carbon offsets. 
  • Zero Gas 50: A month-to-month variable rate for 36 months with usage matched at least 50% of carbon offsets. 
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Why Choose Kiwi Energy?

At Kiwi Energy, we’re dedicated to providing innovative energy solutions for electricity and natural gas supply. There should be more to the Columbus electricity and gas companies than one-size-fits-all solutions and impersonal service. You deserve options that fit your budget, lifestyle, and values. It’s time to choose a service provider that understands you and helps protect our natural resources.

Our business model also includes giving back to the community and our precious environment. Along with our RECs and carbon offset products, we also offer the Kiwi Environmental Fund to support local non-profit organizations as partners in environmental issues and keep our home in Columbus, OH, green and beautiful for years to come.

We also want to show our appreciation for our valued customers. That’s why we offer the Kiwi Rewards Program for residents in Ohio. Each month, our members can earn up to $25, which can be used to help with energy-efficient product choices, dining, shopping, groceries, travel, and much more. We also offer HVAC protection and surge protection options to help you stay in control of your budget and your peace of mind.

Have questions? Get the answers you need by contacting us, and we’ll help you get the information you’re looking for.

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