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Choose a

Sustainable Future

Receive up to $500 on
Energy Efficient Products!*

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Be sure to use promo code 36ONLINE during your enrollment to qualify for up to $500 in energy efficient products.*

With Kiwi Energy, making the right choices for our planet is easy.

Not only do we offer eco-conscious energy products, but we also seek to help make your home as energy efficient as possible. That’s why, for a limited time only, you’re eligible to receive up to $500 in energy efficient products* when you become a Kiwi Energy customer.

3 months

20 x LED 9W Bulbs

6 months

Lighting & Water Efficiency Kit

12 months

Deluxe Weatherization Kit

24 months

Trickle Star, Energy Star Surge Protector & Monitor

36 months


Help create a sustainable future by switching to Kiwi Energy and start making your home more efficient today.

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Be sure to use promo code 36ONLINE during your enrollment to qualify for up to $500 in energy efficient products.*

**Customers who have successfully enrolled with Kiwi Energy for electric and/or natural gas supply service using the code 36ONLINe may receive up to an estimated $500 value in Energy Efficiency Products over a period of thirty six billing cycles. Customers will be eligible to redeem Energy Efficiency Products up to the following estimated values over a period of time: $99 value after three billing cycles, $37.98 value after six billing cycles, $36 value after twelve billing cycles, $94.99 value after twenty four billing cycles and $249 value after thirty six billing cycles. Customer must redeem via the Ecogold portal within twelve months of each product eligibility period. After the twelve months of each eligibility period has passed, Customer will no longer be eligible to redeem such products. Products may be subject to change on Kiwi Energy’s discretion. Must be an active Kiwi Energy customer at the time of redemption. If Customer leaves Kiwi Energy, they are no longer eligible to redeem the remaining products. Offer valid for a limited time. Offer not applicable with any other promotion. Person enrolling must have authority to make changes on the account or be account holder as required in some states. Offer expires May 1, 2020.

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