The Different Types Of Wind Energy

Because wind is caused by the uneven heating of the atmosphere by the sun, the irregularities of the earth’s surface, and the rotation of the earth, it is technically a form of solar energy. Wind energy is created using wind turbines that capture the kinetic energy of the earth’s natural [...]

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Green Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving is a special time of the year because it reminds us to be thankful! Thankful for our family, friends, food, and overall good fortune. Something that we should all be grateful for, however, that often tends to be overlooked throughout the holidays is our planet. With all the family [...]

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Must Have Energy Saving Products

We talk a lot about saving energy, and for good reason: It’s beneficial for the planet and it can help you save money on utility bills. Each of us can make a great impact on protecting our environment with just a few simple decisions, specifically when it comes to our [...]

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The Best Outdoor Fall Activities

It may be so that the air is getting colder and the wind is getting stronger. You may be thinking it’s time to hunker down and cozy up inside, but it’s quite the contrary. Fall happens to be one of the best times of the year to spend outside and [...]

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Hydroelectric Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

What Are the Pros and Cons of Hydroelectric Energy? We drink it, swim in it, and need it to sustain life, but did you know that water accounts for 16.6% of the world’s total electricity production? There are thousands and thousands of dams in the world, but only a few [...]

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Great Ideas How to Have an Eco-Friendly Halloween

Halloween is likely one of the most fun holidays of the year. It’s also a time where a whole lot of unnecessary waste is generated due to all of the items that only get used once before ending up in the trash. Luckily, with a little extra thought and planning, [...]

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Saving Water to Save Energy

Because 71% of the earth is covered in water, many of us are guilty of not truly understanding the importance of conserving it. However, since each of us depends on water to sustain life, it’s our responsibility to learn about water conservation and to take the right steps to keep [...]

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Prepare Your Home for Fall & Winter

With summer’s fading memories, now is the time to prepare your home for the cooler temperatures and unpredictable weather that fall and winter bring. You may be thinking “but it’s only the beginning of October,” but October actually happens to be Energy Action Month. According to the US Department of [...]

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4 Delicious Fall Crockpot Recipes

Being more energy-efficient at home can be as easy as swapping out the appliance you’re cooking with. Slow cookers, for example, can be an energy-efficient option – they use just a little more energy than a traditional light bulb, according to The Centre for Sustainable Energy (, whereas the estimated [...]

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NYC Century Bike Tour: A Transportation Alternatives Event

For the past four consecutive years, including this year, Kiwi Energy has been proud to sponsor Transportation Alternatives’ NYC Century Bike Tour. As the nation’s only all-urban 100-mile ride, the NYC Century Bike Tour is known for being one of the most unique bike rides held in the United States. [...]

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