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Gas and Electric Company in Cleveland, OH

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An Eco-Conscious Gas and Electric Company in Cleveland, OH

Kiwi Energy is rapidly establishing itself as a forward-thinking gas and electric company in Cleveland, OH. This city, celebrated for its cultural diversity, lively streets, and landmarks such as the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, is also making strides toward environmental sustainability.

In the heart of this dynamic cityscape, Kiwi Energy stands out by offering innovative and environmentally friendly electricity and natural gas solutions. Our dedication to sustainable energy harmonizes perfectly with Cleveland’s distinctive mix of industrial heritage and natural beauty.

Our Services

Kiwi Energy is a premier electricity and gas company in Cleveland, OH, with services designed to meet varying budgets and environmental values.

At Kiwi Energy, our philosophy is centered around a balance of giving and taking. Our innovative plans feature Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and carbon offsets, elements crucial in our journey toward a more sustainable future. RECs certify ownership of one megawatt-hour of renewable electricity fed into the grid, which can be sold as an energy commodity. Meanwhile, our carbon offsets focus on projects that significantly reduce overall carbon emissions, underscoring our role as a responsible electric company in Cleveland, OH.

Choosing Kiwi Energy means joining a movement for environmental stewardship, where every kilowatt contributes to a greener planet. Here’s a look at our gas and electric plans:

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Gas Plans

Kiwi Energy offers three gas plan options in Cleveland, OH:

  • Zero Gas: A variable rate for 36 months, fully matched with 100% carbon offsets.
  • Zero Gas 100: A variable rate for 36 months with at least 100% of usage matched by carbon offsets.
  • Zero Gas 50: Features a variable rate for 36 months with at least 50% of usage matched by carbon offsets.

Electricity Options

As an electric company in Cleveland, OH, Kiwi Energy offers three distinct electricity plans:

  • Kiwi Clean Variable: This plan includes Kiwi Clean and Wind REC, featuring a variable rate for 36 months.
  • Kiwi Green 100: Offers a variable rate for 36 months with 100% of usage matched by RECs.
  • Kiwi Green 50: Provides a variable rate for 36 months, with at least 50% of usage matched by RECs.
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Why Kiwi Energy

Cleveland residents seeking an energy provider should consider Kiwi Energy for our exceptional customer service and deep commitment to environmental protection. Kiwi Energy is not just a gas and electricity company in Cleveland, OH; we’re a partner in sustainability.

Through the Kiwi Environmental Fund, we actively support non-profits both domestically and internationally, focusing on long-term, sustainable solutions that prioritize people and the planet. This fund promotes a culture of sustainability and environmental accountability, helping organizations build stronger, environmentally conscious communities and raise awareness through grassroots initiatives. By choosing Kiwi Energy, Cleveland residents receive reliable service and become part of a larger movement dedicated to creating a sustainable future.

Join Kiwi Energy Today

Embrace a greener tomorrow with Kiwi Energy, your premier gas and electric company in Cleveland, OH. Switching to Kiwi Energy gives you gas and electricity services that match your budget, and you can take pride in knowing that you’re supporting global environmental initiatives. Enroll in a Kiwi Energy plan today.

Also, enjoy the added perk of our Kiwi Rewards program, where you’ll earn $25 in Reward Dollars every month, redeemable for dining, travel, online shopping, and more. Switch to Kiwi Energy today—a decision you’ll be proud of for years.

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