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Teal and orange color of NYC midtown view and the East river from Roosevelt Island

Welcome to New York

The natural beauty of New York can often get overshadowed by its fabulous urban attractions, but the state has so much more to offer. The rugged Adirondacks offer a wild escape and the opportunity to take in incredible views from spots like the peak of Whiteface Mountain. New York is also well-known for its abundant lakes. The Finger Lakes region features clear blue water surrounded by striking natural beauty. Clearly, one of the best features of New York is the variety of beautiful landscapes. From mountains, lakes, and rivers to ocean beaches, the wonders never cease.

Why Your Energy Habits Matter

Such diverse landscapes like the wonders of New York are worth appreciating and protecting. People in the state are working to raise awareness of the delicate nature of the landscape and specific priorities and areas to protect. Water quality is a major issue in New York, and much of the state’s natural beauty, not to mention people’s well-being, relies on protecting its water. While public policy helps steer environmental protection, there are things each individual can do to protect the local environment. Kiwi Energy is an innovative energy supplier that helps people make a difference by offering eco-conscious energy solutions to New York residents.

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How You Can Help

By choosing Kiwi Energy, you are also helping contribute to a more sustainable future. We enable you to offset your energy use and help create a sustainable future while choosing a great electric and gas provider. But the effect of your choice does not stop there. Your individual choice of supplying your energy from an environmentally conscious electricity and gas provider will contribute to an overall societal shift towards this environmentally-friendly direction and play a key role in this nationwide effort. So make sure you don’t choose just any energy supplier — choose the best electrical and gas company for your environmental efforts!

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Here at Kiwi Energy, we match electricity with renewable energy certificates and natural gas with carbon offsets. Our work in other states shows what can be done in New York. Kiwi Energy not only prioritizes environmental awareness, but our customers take top priority as well. After all, the end goal of this growing effort is to make a healthier, happier world for everyone to live in.

We want everyone in New York to enjoy the natural beauty of this ecologically diverse area. Everything from its mountains downstream to the rivers, lakes, and beaches can be protected for future generations to enjoy. Do your part to make this shift to an environmentally-friendly way of life and switch your gas and electric company today. Kiwi Energy makes it easy to switch and start enjoying the benefits of eco-minded energy and natural gas products.

Aerial view of the Central park in New York with golf fields and tall skyscrapers surrounding the park.

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