Kiwi Energy Team will be Participating in TransAlt’s NYC Century Bike Tour this Year!

The NYC Century Bike Tour is a true ride of passage, now in its 26th year, the NYC Century is unlike any other bike tour you’ll find. All routes are designed not only to show riders the diversity of New York City’s neighborhoods but on how to navigate through them safely. In order to illustrate the bicyclists’ right to the streets, there are no street closings during the NYC Century, bicyclists ride with traffic and obey all traffic laws. When T.A. inaugurated the NYC Century Bike Tour in 1990, New York City streets had few greenways and even fewer bike lanes. Over the course of the last twenty three years, the city’s greenway system has expanded tenfold and each year, the NYC Century showcases a growing bike lane network. This year Kiwi Energy staff will be participating in this great event by giving away kiwi fruit and water to all participating cyclists from the Kiwi Energy tent.

The NYC Century tour is an integral starting point for year-round bicycling and by participating in the event you’re not only supporting alternative ways of transportation, but also Transportation Alternative’s safe streets initiative. We look forward to seeing you all for what will be a fun and rewarding day!