Every year, GrowNYC hosts an Annual Spring Plant Sale to give community groups the opportunity to buy flowers, herbs, plants, and vegetables from Greenmarket farmers at wholesale prices. This annual sale has been benefiting the community since it first started in 1986. GrowNYC’s purpose behind the sale is to promote clean and healthy environments in New York City.

Kiwi Energy has helped with this sale for a number of years, and this year was no different. Like GrowNYC, Kiwi Energy values sustainability and supports environment-friendly communities. Volunteers from Kiwi Energy enthusiastically gathered at Brooklyn’s Hattie Carthan Community Garden to help in the Annual Spring Plant Sale. Throughout the day, volunteers filled orders, loaded plants, assisted local customers, and performed other various gardening tasks.

The plants and vegetables that were sold during the Annual Spring Plant Sale were placed in various neighborhood space projects, schools, churches, and other community centers. Locals came together in unity to plant and beautify their spaces with their new plants.

Although plants seem like a simple thing to add to an environment, they can make a difference. One research study in Chicago concluded that those who lived in buildings surrounded by trees and greenery knew more people, had better relationships with neighbors and felt more unified to the community more than those who lived in buildings without plants.

Additionally, gardens and flowers help a community feel safe. People are more likely to walk and be active in an area that feels secure and reliable. Those in the community are also more likely to spend more time outside if they feel responsible to take care of a garden. Kiwi Energy is always looking for ways to support non-profit organizations domestically and abroad. If you are part of an organization that fosters sustainability, supports environmentally conscious communities, or focuses on people and the planet, contact us today. We’d love to help support you in your next project.