Home Design Ideas for a Sustainable Tomorrow

The movement to curb climate change and use better environmental practices has been in existence for decades; perhaps we are just seeing younger leaders now, which could be the successful turning point the world has needed. There are many steps we can take to protect our precious resources and keep [...]

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Pros and Cons of Hydroelectric Energy

We drink it, swim in it, and need it to sustain life, but did you know that water accounts for 16.6% of the world’s total electricity production? There are thousands upon thousands of dams in the world, but only a few of them produce hydroelectric energy to power our homes [...]

2020-01-07T16:31:16-05:00January 15th, 2020|

Pros and Cons of Solar Energy to Consider Before Installation

For decades, solar energy has been at the forefront of the discussion when it comes to renewable and clean energy. Americans across the nation have been incorporating more and more solar energy into their lives due to increasingly competitive market prices, as well as solar grants. However, there are still [...]

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Tidal Power Explained

Renewable energy is a booming topic today. Not only does it help cut costs on electricity and gas, but it also allows us to diversify our energy supplies instead of relying on imported fuels. Thus, finding energy from natural resources is more prevalent and necessary than ever. Though tidal power, [...]

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Energy Conservation Methods: Save Money, Save Energy, Save the World

Energy conservation is about much more than just saving our non-renewable resources. Sure, energy conservation methods can help save money and increase your property values, but more importantly, they are about protecting the environment. The time to start is now, so Kiwi Energy would like to take this opportunity to [...]

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Wind Energy Pros and Cons

Using wind energy is more affordable and widespread than in the past. Wind turbines generate electricity using offshore wind turbines on oceans and lakes, making it easier to access. At Kiwi Energy, we match your electricity with Renewable Energy Certificates — meaning you can support wind energy production, even if [...]

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No Waste Wrapping Paper

One of the many joys of Christmas and birthdays is the beautifully-wrapped gifts, adorned with curly ribbons, over-sized bows, and elaborate wrapping paper. But wait: Would you have ever thought that this delightful packaging may actually be hurting the environment? According to a study conducted by Earth911, an estimated 2.3 [...]

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How To Save Energy & Money This Winter

As you may know, there are lots of reasons why your power bill may increase as the weather gets colder. One major reason is that you’re likely spending more time at home consuming electricity and using your heater. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of time or work to learn [...]

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What Are The Pros & Cons Of Geothermal Energy

Renewable energy is energy that’s derived from natural sources that we are unlikely to run out of. These replenishable power sources include wind, moving water, heat from the earth, sunlight, ocean waves, and even organic waste. While renewable energy is often misconstrued as a new technology, humans have been harnessing [...]

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Tidal Power Pros And Cons

Fresh thinking in electricity and gas is certainly relevant to today’s environmentally conscious society. Incorporating natural production can mitigate costs and provide ways to sustain resources. With the rise of renewable energy, tidal power has proven its potential in being a renewable energy source for our future communities. As a [...]

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