What You Can and Can’t Compost

Many of us are familiar with composting, how to compost, and some of us have even started to compost at home or at the office, but as a refresher (or for those who aren’t familiar with it), composting is a natural process that turns organic material into a rich dark [...]

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Summer Energy Efficiency Tips

As you know, electricity varies with the weather, as changes in the temperature and humidity affect the need for heating and cooling. Homeowners and renters see the largest seasonal variance, largely because of air conditioning use in the summer. In fact, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that residential electricity [...]

2019-05-30T10:58:30-04:00June 5th, 2019|

Surprising Items that Contain Plastic

As we all know by now, plastic is harmful. Not only for the environment but for human health as well. Despite this fact, plastic remains a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives, even though most of us are actively taking steps to avoid it. “How can this be?”, you wonder, [...]

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What is Community Solar?

With the renewable energy market booming, more and more people are exploring and considering their options for going green. In the United States, solar specifically has ranked first or second in new electric capacity additions in the last six years. There are now more than 1.9 million solar installations in [...]

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Reasons Why You Should Volunteer In Your Community

In 2011 roughly 64.3 million Americans, or 26.8% of the adult population, gave almost 7.9 billion hours of volunteer service in 2011. This is an increase of 1.5 million volunteers over 2010 and is the highest level of volunteerism in five years. Volunteering is important for many reasons – it [...]

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How To Save Energy In Your Kitchen With These Tips

Cooking your own meals at home isn’t only better for your health, but it’s also much better for the environment than dining at restaurants or ordering take-out. That’s because cooking at home requires far fewer resources – less packaging, less transportation (and therefore fewer emissions), and because you are able [...]

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What is Global Warming & What Are The Causes

Earth has warmed and cooled again, and the climate has changed countless times throughout its long history. These natural occurrences were attributed to the planet receiving more or less sunlight with subtle shifts in its orbit, atmospheric or surface changes, or fluctuations of the sun’s energy. But in the last [...]

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Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas

With Mother’s Day a few weeks away, you’re probably starting to think about what you should get her, or what you should do to celebrate. Unfortunately, as with most holidays and celebrations, this day has become overrun by consumerism. We’re asking the simple question - what for? It doesn’t have [...]

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Earth Day Tips: How To Celebrate And Help The Planet

Earth Day is inarguably the world’s largest environmental movement. Celebrated worldwide on April 22, more than one billion people gather and participate in Earth Day Activities each year. But where did the idea for Earth Day come from? The concept for a national day dedicated to protecting the environment was [...]

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What Is A Circular Economy & What Are Its Benefits?

You’ve probably seen the term “circular economy” being dropped all over the news lately and you might find yourself wondering what exactly this means.  Have you heard of the 3R’s of sustainability: reduce-reuse-recycle? Well, a “circular economy” is essentially an economy that’s based on these surrounding practices. There are additional, [...]

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