The Pros and Cons of Fossil Fuels

With all the talk about global warming today, some people want to instantly quit using fossil fuels. But there are some advantages of fossil fuels, including their: Wide availability Reliability Efficiency Transportability And many others At the same time, fossil fuels will run out eventually, and they can contribute to [...]

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How Is Electricity Made?

When you imagine electricity, what do you visualize? Lighting in the sky? Electric light bulbs? Diagrams from a science textbook of arrows going through wires? You probably remember that matter is made up of atoms, and each of those atoms has electrons orbiting it. In a metal, those electrons can [...]

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Top Ways We Pollute the Ocean

Marine pollution is caused when potentially harmful substances enter the ocean. Billions of pounds of trash and other pollutants enter the ocean each year. So where does this pollution come from? What kinds of consequences does it have? Most of the pollutants entering the ocean are coming from human activities [...]

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Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy

Most of us have heard of nuclear energy, but how much do you know about this form of electricity? When you’re presented with the words “nuclear energy”, some of the first images that may pop in your head might be of a nuclear bomb or of an energy crisis such [...]

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Clever Ways to Use Up Old Food

We’re all pretty familiar with the food waste problem going on in today’s world, but most of us don’t realize how significant of a problem it actually is and how much of an impact it has on global warming. To help paint a better picture for you, we’ve listed below [...]

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Top National Parks in the Eastern United States

If you’re looking forward to the beautiful fall weather and are anticipating all of the fun activities you’ll get to enjoy throughout the crisp autumn months, there’s one you should definitely add to your list to-do: visiting a national park. Greenery, walking, and sunshine have all been proven to improve [...]

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Top Reasons to Love Wind Energy

The United States is home to one of the largest and fastest-growing wind markets in the world. In fact, U.S. wind power has more than tripled in the past decade, and today is the largest source of renewable generating capacity in the country. Last year alone, the U.S. wind industry [...]

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How to Optimize Your Refrigerator for Energy Efficiency

Today’s buildings consume more energy than any other sector in the U.S., including transportation and industry, which is illustrated in the graph below. According to the Environmental and Energy Institute (EESI), more than 40 percent of the total energy consumed in the U.S. is used for operating buildings, and most [...]

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10 Must-Do Outdoor Activities Before Summer Ends

The final days of summer are sadly upon us, with the first day of fall (September 21st) just weeks away. Don’t worry - there is still plenty of time to conquer some of the epic things the season has to offer. Below we’ve listed 10 activities that we feel are [...]

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Benefits of Urban Green Spaces

As we all know by now, spending time in mother nature is incredibly beneficial to our overall well-being. However, unlike those living in rural locations where nature is all around them, people who live in urban areas and large cities don’t have the luxury of simply stepping outside to connect [...]

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