The Ecogold Environmental Fund has Partnered with La Casita Verde to Install a Solar Powered Pagoda at the Williamsburg Brooklyn Community Garden

La Casita Verde is a Green Thumb NYC Parks community garden that was established in November 2013. The founding members came together to transform a 40+ year derelict lot into a space for people in the community and beyond. Members and visitors learn how to make rich soil, grow healthy food, use the values of permaculture, all through the union of community, art, science, and fun. The garden fully supports urban agriculture, soil rehabilitation, and water reclamation, as well as events for skill sharing and community building to encourage healthy living. The solar-powered pagoda installation is essential in enabling La Casita Verde to run all the required power tools, laptops and projectors, as well as applications like the Aerated Static Pile for semi-automated composting.

Below you can view images of where Kiwi Energy staff helped prepare to the soil for the spring plating:

Visit photos here