SOULFest NYC is an annual yoga and wellness festival established on the idea of celebrating inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility taking place on June 2nd, 2018, in New York City. The festival includes yoga, fitness, and meditation sessions with some of New York’s top instructors. Established by the wellness community, for the community, it is a free full-day outdoor festival that celebrates healthy living through movement, healthy eating, and lifestyle.

Established in 2017 with a number of community sponsors, SOULFest NYC has quickly grown to become New York’s predominant event for cultivating and strengthening relationships within the wellness community.

Kiwi Energy Sponsorship

2018 is the first year that Kiwi Energy has sponsored SOULFest NYC, and our sponsorship allowed for additional speakers and amenities.

SOULFest NYC 2018 also features many influential individuals in the wellness community such as Sara Clark, Jessamyn Stanley, Faith Hunter, Eddie Stern, Lara Land, Erica Garcia, Taela Naomi, and Harriette Cole. Kiwi Energy’s sponsorship helped facilitate the creation of a fully tented area for classes, speeches, and instruction.

Kiwi Energy + Wellness

Kiwi Energy is an energy retailer that is focused on providing sustainable, environmentally conscious solutions for energy and natural gas. We highly value transparency and customer service.

At Kiwi Energy, we believe that when we focus on sustainability, we all win. That is why we value community engagement with events such as SOULFest NYC. We want to help build a mindful and healthy local community by providing sustainable energy solutions and bringing together like-minded people who value and support health and wellness.

Kiwi Energy + Community Engagement

Kiwi Energy is committed to helping people come together through events such as SOULFest NYC. That is why we intend to continue to support it and other similar opportunities. As SOULFest NYC continues to grow, Kiwi is committed to doing our part to ensure that the wellness community can come together in an open, diverse, accessible, and inclusive way.

If you are interested in attending SOULFest NYC or learning more about it, find out more by visiting We hope that you will support your local community and the environment by getting your electricity and natural gas in a sustainable way. Sign up with Kiwi Energy today!