Since 2013, Kiwi Energy, through the Environmental Fund, has supported Brooklyn Greenway Initiative’s (BGI) awareness events like the Family Bike Ride: Brooklyn Bridge to Red Hook Fest, dedicated to building environmentally conscious communities.

The bike ride on Saturday, June 4, 2022, is just one of the many great events that promote the BGI’s development and long-term stewardship of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway. This is a slow-paced bike ride for all ages and abilities along the protected greenway route and designated Red Hook streets. Non-cyclists are also welcome to join. The ride will end at the free Red Hook Festival at Valentino Park & Pier where the riders can take advantage of a free bike valet, as well as access to activities, food, live music, free resources, and family-friendly activities.

‘When finished, the 26-mile Greenway will connect pedestrians, cyclists, and people of all abilities to Brooklyn’s waterfront, open spaces, and neighborhoods from Greenpoint to East New York, as well as create essential habitat for urban wildlife that rely on these greenspaces to migrate through the city. We are pleased to be supporting such a meaningful organization again this year,” States Nichola Clark, VP Creative Director at Kiwi Energy.

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About Kiwi Energy

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About Brooklyn Greenway Initiative

Brooklyn Greenway Initiative (BGI) is a non-profit organization committed to the development, establishment, and long-term stewardship of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway — a 26-mile protected and landscaped route for pedestrians and cyclists that connects Brooklyn’s iconic waterfront, parks and open space, commercial and cultural corridors, and new tech and innovation hubs for 2.65 million Brooklyn residents, over 1.1 million employees in Brooklyn, and 15 million annual visitors from across the City and around the world.