Kiwi Energy, a leading New York based energy retailer providing environmentally conscious solutions for electricity and gas supply, is supporting EarthSpark International, a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating energy poverty in Haiti. The owners of Kiwi Energy have had a working relationship with EarthSpark for a number of years.

EarthSpark has installed a town-sized solar powered smart grid which delivers electricity to 450 homes and businesses in the downtown Les Anglais area in Haiti. The residents of these homes and businesses are receiving clean, reliable energy from a state of the art hybrid generation system which includes a 93kW solar PV array, a 400 kWh of battery capacity and a small diesel backup generator. The customer connections are managed through a SparkMeter system which enables customers to pre-pay for electricity resulting in more efficient grid operations.

Kiwi Energy helped this project through the Ecogold Environmental Fund. The Ecogold Environmental Fund, a component of Kiwi Energy’s Ecogold loyalty program, is another example of Kiwi Energy’s commitment to the environment and sustainability. Kiwi Energy contributes a portion of sales from every new customer acquired to help support organizations running environmentally friendly projects.

Many in Haiti survive on less than $1 a day. “These are people in dire need of help, and we are happy to partner with EarthSpark to give them the power they need. We hope that we can continue to operate in tandem and give back to those with less.” -Richard Booth, President of Retail Operations for Kiwi Energy.

Kiwi Energy is a New York-based energy retailer dedicated to providing environmentally conscious solutions for electricity and gas supply. Their focus on environmentally conscious products is backed by friendly and efficient customer service. As a company they pride themselves on their transparency and ability to answer questions about the energy industry or their sustainable products.