Kiwi Energy made its first contribution of 2021 to a non-profit organization working to reduce poverty in Haiti, Hope for Haiti, in its continued support of this organization. Kiwi Energy is a New York and Ohio energy supply company that has established a private fund, the Ecogold Environmental Fund, which allows them to support non-profit organizations working on different sustainability and/or environmental initiatives. A contribution is allocated to the fund each time a new customer joins Kiwi Energy.

Haiti has seen high levels of deforestation over the past couple of years. This can primarily be attributed to human activity and natural disasters (including hurricanes and earthquakes), and it poses a significant threat, not just to wildlife and the environment but to the people of Haiti as well. Fruit-bearing trees have started vanishing, which has lead to food insecurity, soil erosion, and a lack of biodiversity.

Hope for Haiti’s reforestation projects include a seasoned agriculture team who works in direct alignment with communities to organize school gardens, develop nurseries for fruit-bearing tree seedlings, and plant trees to support household development. Additionally, Hope for Haiti’s school gardens have become platforms for teaching students and parents about critical cultivation techniques and best planting practices to ensure successful crops.

Kiwi Energy’s contribution will support Hope for Haiti’s pilot program – Carbon Storage Committees. The focus of the program is to help develop community infrastructure, enhanced nutrition, gardening, and reforestation. The Carbon Storage Committee will educate students, parents, and community members on proper soil conservation to improve and reforest the community and is intended to increase community participation and knowledge of agriculture and improved agricultural techniques.

“Kiwi Energy is incredibly pleased to support Hope for Haiti in their Carbon Committees initiative. We believe that education and environmental awareness are critical in creating a more sustainable future for our planet. By cultivating trained and educated local leaders who are able to share their knowledge with the greater Haitian community, Hope for Haiti will help increase environmental education and refine agriculture techniques. We’re confident the program will have a positive impact for the Haitian community.” – Nichola Clark, VP Creative Director, Kiwi Energy.

About Kiwi Energy

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About Hope for Haiti

With experience running poverty alleviation programs in Haiti since 1989, Hope for Haiti has emerged as one of the most trusted non-profit organizations working to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children, in southern Haiti. The organization’s team and network of partners provide people with better access to education, healthcare, water, and economic opportunities. Hope for Haiti is a 4-star rated charity by Charity Navigator and is a participant at the Platinum Level through the GuideStar Exchange, two leading independent evaluators recognizing the organization’s transparency and careful stewardship of donor resources. To learn more: