Your home is your sanctuary, right? That is unless it’s a mess. With the right tools, all it takes is a quick scrub down to make your place smell nice and feel at home. But as time goes on, we have learned that certain cleaners and chemicals are more harmful than others. While some may think that more natural cleaning products won’t get the job done or that they are just a gimmick but in truth, there are a fair amount of great products that keep your home clean in a much more eco-friendly way.

We’ve gathered our very favorite eco-friendly cleaning products that will help you spiff up your space in a jiffy…no crazy chemicals required.

Dealing With Bad Bathroom Bacteria

The difference between a dirty bathroom and a clean bathroom comes down to bacteria. Stepping into a dirty bathroom is an uncomfortable experience while knowing you’re entering a clean bathroom feels great. There are environmentally friendly ways to deal with bathroom bacteria with these eco-friendly cleaning products.

  • The Honest Co. Free & Honest Bathroom Cleaner: This eco-friendly product is actually a completely plant-based product that is specifically designed not only to clean up things like limescale, soap scum and grime but also helps keep odors away in a completely natural way.

“Oh, oh, oh, the FRESHNESS of the smell…It cleans great, I am just such a happy camper! Thank you!”

-Elizabeth L.

  • Earth Friendly Goose-Neck Bottle Toilet Cleaner: This eco-friendly formula uses cedar oil and citric acid to safely clean toilets and removes hard water stains and mineral deposits without any hazardous or offensive fumes. Also, less harmful chemicals are flushed down the toilet.

“Got rid of all the gunk under the rim. Human-friendly. Great stuff!”


  • Common Good Glass Cleaner: Another plan based product, this cleaner provides the same streak-free finish that any other glass cleaner gives you, but with a plant-based composition that is biodegradable and uses essential oils for a better scent.

“Who knew a product that smells this nice would work as well or better than the old blue glass cleaner?!? Well, it does! And it sure smells nicer!”


For Cleaning the Kitchen Cooking Crud

If you either love to cook food or love to eat (which basically covers everyone), have little kids, or messy roommates then you probably have had to clean up a kitchen or two in your life. Here are a handful of eco-friendly cleaning products especially useful for dishes and kitchen surfaces.

  • J.R. Watkins Liquid Dish Soap: We love the idea of this product from the simple standpoint that the aroma produce from cleaning your dishes is just delightful. Look at most of the reviews for this product and you’ll find that most people love the fresh smells and at a bare minimum they love the process is much more enjoyable than usual old-food and soap smell they have to smell. Of course, this is more natural based soap as well so you still get the eco-friendly benefits as well.

“Rarely do I get so excited about a product to leave a review. However, this dish soap is superior beyond any other products I have ever tried.”


  • Grab Green Fragrance-Free Automatic Dishwasher Detergent: Here is a natural based automatic dishwasher soap for people who just want clean dishes without all the essential oils and scents getting in there house. This is a scentless soap that is capable of handling the dirtiest of dishes in a natural way.

“Not only are they fragrance-free, but they work AMAZINGLY well. I’ve tried a few other non-toxic brands, but they just didn’t get the job done. Highly recommend!”


  • Seventh Generation All Purpose Natural Cleaner: Seventh Generation produces a long line of cleaning products and have for a while now. This one is a go-to choice for many people due to its wide variety of applications. Some have even used it to spot clean their carpets to great effect. The best part is that the ingredient list boasts multiple plant-based cleaning agents that are all natural, there are some preservatives in there but as it is in most cases, these are required for the longevity of the product.

“ I love that its tough on grease and it doesn’t make the surface feel gritty or grimy. You can really feel the surface being clean.”


  • Method Hard Floor Cleaner: A completely biodegradable formula that is wax-free, this cleaner is fresh smelling and naturally made with coconuts oils for a natural shine that lasts and citrus for a nice aroma. All in all a great product.

“It left my floor clean and shiny, didn’t dry sticky or anything. I won’t ever mop with anything else again!”

-Stacy K.

For Load After Load of Loathsome Laundry

Laundry is that thing that few people ever really want to do and everyone has to do. I personally have had many detergents make me itchier than I would like to be so finding more natural products has helped out in my home greatly. Fortunately, these eco-friendly cleaning products will make your clothes look nice, feel great, and smell fantastic without all the chemicals and extras that aren’t best for you or the environment.

  • B&N All Natural Felted Goat Milk Soap Stain Stick: I will be honest, goat milk doesn’t come to mind when thinking about laundry soap for me, or probably most people. But this stuff has successfully been used on pretty tough stains and it does the trick. Plus, it even has a built-in scrubber so you just have to get it wet and go.

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE…did I mention LOVE this product!


  • Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent Packs: This product is an EPA Safer Choice Certified product, made from both plants and minerals it serves the purpose of keeping laundry clean and is 94% bio-based ingredients. It also uses natural enzymes to get your clothes extra clean.

“I tried a sample from Seventh Generation and I had to go out to purchase some more.”


  • Method Dryer Sheets: A fairly simple product, these dryer sheets are a naturally made product that keeps your clothes from clinging. They do smell great, as they should, and they are biodegradable.

“These dryer sheets are amazing! They smell heavenly, you can cut them according to your laundry size, and they are friendly to the environment! Love love love!”

-Daniela G.

Extra Special Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies and Tools!

  • E-Cloth Window Cleaning Pack: These towels are Good Housekeeping Institute approved, recommended by Allergy UK, and come with a 3-year guarantee. We’ll be honest but these rags have found a natural way to get rid of 99% percent of bacteria by just adding water to the towel and using it. Definitely worth a look.

“I will never wash a window or glass without these again! I was shocked at how well they worked.”

-Nicole Harrison

“Switched over to these from Glad and I’m very happy we did. These are pretty strong and I’m impressed!”


  • Clean+Green Natural Latex Cleaning Gloves: Lined with a soft material for comfort, these gloves are made from 100% recycled plastic so, like the trash bags above, you can comfortably keep your hands dry while knowing you aren’t adding to the growing plastic problem in the world.

“Best gloves I ever purchased! The flock lining is very comfortable.”

-T Perkins

Now all you need to do is to take a quick trip to the cleaning aisle today (or open your web browser) and choose a few of these eco-friendly cleaning products to make a more eco-friendly change today. That’s the reason we do things here at Kiwi Energy, just trying to make any difference we can.

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