If it wasn’t clear years ago, it is now: eco-friendly cars are here to stay. If anything, more and more people are going with green vehicles as their first choice to have in their garages.

The good news for fans of environmentally-friendly automobiles is that more of them are reaching the market now, and because of that, the selection pool has become increasingly diversified, with cars ideally suited for the needs of specific individuals.

For this year, the American Automobile Association has already come out with their list of top green vehicles, and the award winners range from smaller eco-friendly cars to ones fit for the whole family as well as budget-friendly options and choices for those with some extra money to spend.

It’s time to get to know these green machines and understand why they have been deemed as some of the best eco-friendly cars the market has to offer for 2018.

The Tesla Model X 75D: This Year’s Most Decorated Green Vehicle

Let’s begin with the car the AAA deems to be the best in a variety of categories for this year, with that being Tesla’s Model X 75D. The awards claimed by this Tesla offering include best green SUV/minivan and best overall eco-friendly car of 2018. It also took home the award for the best green car priced over $50,000, and while that’s certainly a positive, it also means this particular automobile may not be a realistic purchase for many consumers.

Price aside, however, the Model X 75D does deliver great bang for whoever’s willing to give up the bucks for one of the best eco-friendly cars. It has received high marks for safety, with Tesla touting it as the “safest SUV ever.” Part of the reason why the Model X 75D gets top marks for safety is due to its autopilot feature. This car has been outfitted with several components designed to help it navigate tricky segments of the road, and that also makes it something a driver can depend on.

Safety’s great and all, but some drivers also have a need for speed they would like addressed, and this Tesla product does that too. Ramping all the way up to 60 mph is possible within just 2.9 seconds and the responsive features of the car add to its ability to accelerate quickly.

The price is always going to be a sticking point for many people, but the Model X 75D is worth the investment for those who can afford to purchase one of the finest eco-friendly cars on the market. Many car lovers will likely be happy with having this as their most eco-friendly car.

The Kia Niro LX: This Year’s Top Budget-Friendly Buy

The reality is that the Tesla Model X 75D is just not a vehicle accessible to everyone given its price tag, but that doesn’t necessarily mean car-seekers have to settle for something subpar if they’re shopping on a budget, and as evidence of that, Kia presents the Niro LX as something people may want to have as their most eco-friendly car.

With a price tag of $23,650, the Niro LX fits right into the wheelhouse of many shoppers today and still manages to comfortably distinguish itself as one of the best eco-friendly cars.

In terms of sheer horsepower, the LX is right in line with even the pricier Niro variants, so performance should not prove to be an issue. Safety has also not been compromised in this car, as it with all the features included in the pricier models. A less expensive price tag also doesn’t mean that the interior of this vehicle will be any less comfortable than other Niro models or other eco-friendly cars for that matter.

Still, there are some features missing from the LX that are found in the more expensive Kia Niros. A variety of convenience-focused features are only optional for this car, and some are unavailable altogether. The Niro LX would undoubtedly stand out even more as a great budget-friendly car if it came loaded with a few more technological additions, but that said, this is still a solid, cost-efficient vehicle that would be welcome in many garages.

The Chevrolet Bolt EV Premier: This Year’s Superior Subcompact Car

Subcompact eco-friendly cars possess that special kind of charm that make them such a delight to own, and for folks who want one that also happens to be among the best eco-friendly cars of this year, they can check out Chevrolet’s Bolt EV Premier.

To be clear, even if the Bolt EV Premier falls into the subcompact category, it’s still a car that can comfortably seat up to five passengers. Designers have placed great care into making this vehicle’s interior as comfortable as it can possibly be, which is something passengers will be able to truly appreciate once they go on those long road trips.

After going in for a full charge, Chevrolet’s Bolt EV Premier can go for 238 miles, making lengthy expeditions possible and comfortable as well. There’s also enough room in this car to fit in plenty of baggage, so it truly is a suitable choice for just about any road trip.

Safety is also prioritized by the Bolt EV Premier, with multiple airbags located all over it. As a bonus, the OnStar Safety & Security with Automatic Crash Response is a standard feature for the first month. Folks who have the Bolt EV Premier as their most eco-friendly car will likely not have that much to complain about.

The Tesla Model S 75: This Year’s Top-Rated Large Car

Rounding out this list of the best eco-friendly cars of 2018 is another Tesla creation, the Model S 75. This car took home top honors for being the best big car for this year, and it can comfortably seat 5 adults plus 2 children. The interior is spacious, enough so that there’s still room for everyone when the kids have to take a bit of a break in the middle of a road trip.

Similar to the Model X 75D mentioned above, the Model S 75 from Tesla excels when it comes to safety. It also comes equipped with autopilot features that should put all passengers at ease.

Tesla did not sacrifice durability for endurance with the Model S 75. The people who choose to go with this as their most eco-friendly car will be content with that choice, knowing that this will remain ready to go inside their garage for a long time.

Tesla knows what it’s doing and that’s why they’ve been able to come out with some of the best eco-friendly cars in recent years. The Model S 75 is just one of the latest additions to that growing collection of quality automobiles.

Some truly remarkable eco-friendly cars have already left positive impressions on people this year, and it’s not hard to see why. The green vehicle has certainly come a long way from where it once was a while back.

Not too long ago, having a hybrid or electric vehicle still seemed unusual, or at the very least, unconventional, but that has certainly changed. These days, many people are shopping with the goal of having the most eco-friendly car among their friends and family.

Innovations over the last few years have transformed eco-friendly cars quite significantly, and now, they do not lag behind their conventional counterparts in any significant way. 2018 has already featured many wonderful green vehicles reaching the market, and consumers can count on seeing even more of them in the years to come.

Eco-Friendly cars are a great way to help the environment. If you’re looking for more ways to help you should check out our blog about eco-friendly cleaning products.