Kiwi Energy team joins La Casita Verde on tree and plant rescue mission in Williamsburg garden

The staff at Kiwi Energy spent the day helping La Casita Verde staff dig out and rescue plants and trees from a garden in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, being donated by its former occupant. La Casita Verde is a community garden and space in Brooklyn that offers its members and visitors the opportunity to learn how to make rich soil, participate in the soil food web and the values of permaculture.

The plants and small trees retrieved were on their way to being bulldozed but fortunately, Kiwi Energy and La Casita Verde came to the rescue, rolled up their sleeves, and vigorously dug out several rose bushes, perennials, and a few small trees. La Casita Verde will be using these to further develop their garden and to add a bit more greenery to an already burgeoning garden.

Kiwi Energy has worked with La Casita Verde on past projects including the installment of a solar-powered pagoda, used for power tools, equipment, and other necessary tasks. Kiwi Energy looks forward to teaming up with La Casita Verde on other projects and contributing to its future growth.

La Casita Verde