Kiwi Energy is a proud supporter of Grow to Learn’s aquaponics farm project

Grow To Learn was established by GrowNYC to inspire, facilitate and promote the creation of a sustainable school garden in each and every public school across New York City. The Grow to Learn aquaponic farm project at Young Women’s Leadership School in Astoria teaches children from 7th to 12th-grade aquaponics, aquaculture, and hydroponics. The garden includes several dozen fish and hydroponic gardens that grow lettuce, swiss chard, beans, tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, and more. The project will provide children with a hands-on understanding of biology, agriculture, and applied technology in an indoor garden atmosphere that can be used by science classes and after-school gardening as well. Kiwi Energy, through the Ecogold Environmental Fund, is able to sponsor and support initiatives like Grow to Learn’s aquaponics farm project, that is dedicated to building stronger, supportive and environmentally conscious communities. For more information on Grow To Learn’s programs and initiatives, you can visit them at

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