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We’ve provided answers to commonly asked questions regarding New York electric and gas service. If you don’t find the answers you are looking for, start a live chat with one of our Kiwi Energy Customer Care Representatives, email us at info@kiwienergy.us or you can contact us directly on 1-877-208-7636.

Signing Up

Will I need new wires, pipes or a new meter?

No. Your energy will always be delivered via the same wires, pipes and meter you have now.

When will the switch occur?

Switching to Kiwi Energy is easy and does not involve any change to your system. Once you have enrolled with Kiwi Energy we will begin providing your electric commodity service on your next meter-reading date, if you are enrolled 15 days before that date. Kiwi Energy will begin your natural gas supply service on the first calendar day of the following month, if you are enrolled by the 15th of the previous month. Typically, that means you will receive one final bill with supply charges from your previous provider and then on the next bill, Kiwi Energy will be your supplier.

Are there any monthly service fees?

Kiwi Energy does not have any monthly service fees.

Is there any fee for switching?

Kiwi Energy does not charge any fees for a ‘standard switch’ of suppliers. Most Utilities do not charge a fee for a switch either.

Where do you offer service?

Kiwi Energy offers electricity and natural gas service in the Con Edison, National Grid Upstate and National Grid Metro, Central Hudson, NYSEG & RG&E, and National Fuel service areas.

Is it easy to enroll with Kiwi Energy?

Yes, you can enroll by calling Kiwi Energy on 1-877-208-7636. Once enrolled, Kiwi Energy will take care of everything for you that is involved in switching Energy suppliers.


Kiwi Energy Plans

Who do I contact if I experience an outage?

You should contact your local Utility Company. They will normally be able to give you an estimated time for completion. The contact phone numbers for your applicable Utility are listed on your invoice.

How do I pay my bill?

The Utility will continue to bill you and collect payment for both the supply and delivery portion of the bill. Most Utilities offer a range of fast, efficient and convenient payment methods which you can view on their websites.

Who will bill me?

In most instances you will receive one convenient bill from your local Utility that will include the applicable charges from Kiwi Energy.

Why should I choose Kiwi Energy?

Kiwi Energy is an expanding energy service company. We offer a great range of energy products and rewards across our entire range of energy products backed by friendly and efficient service. Our team has many years of experience in the energy industry both here in the U.S and internationally providing customers with the security of dealing with an organization with proven systems and know-how.


How do my Ecogold Rewards work?

The rewards are based on the supply portion of your bill. You will receive either 7% Ecogold Rewards issued once you accumulate $25 and $50 thereafter, or 5% Cash Back sent after 12 months. Cash Back will be sent by mail. For your own security, you are required to register your Ecogold card at ecogold.us and redeem your Ecogold Rewards online at ecogold.us. Ecogold Rewards are sent by either e-mail or post depending on the chosen reward.

How do I know when I have a reward due?

When you are due your first Ecogold Reward you will receive a text message prompting you to log in to ecogold.us and activate your reward.

How do I change from Cash Back to Ecogold Rewards?

You can change your reward choice at any time. Simply log in to ecogold.us using the number on your Members Card and the password that you registered with and update in your customer profile.

Deregulation & Electricity Business

What do all the energy terms mean?

When shopping for electricity and gas, you will run across quite a few energy terms. Here are a few common ones. If you need more info, please feel free to call Kiwi Energy Customer Care on 1-877-208-7636.

Sales Agreement 
The Sales Agreement is a document outlining all the terms and conditions related to electricity and gas service. These rules set out the rights and responsibilities of both Kiwi Energy and the customer.

Choice Program
 Electricity and natural gas choice programs allow residential and commercial users to select a supplier other than the traditional Utility.

Consolidated billing 
A billing option that provides customers with a single bill combining charges from more than one service provider and issued by a distribution utility providing delivery service (utility consolidated bill) or by a commodity supplier (ESCO consolidated bill).

What do all the acronyms mean?

When shopping for electricity and gas, you will run across quite a few acronyms. Here are a few common ones. If you need more info, please feel free to call Kiwi Energy Customer Care on 1-877-208-7636. A five-member Commission within the Department of Public Service with the authority to implement provisions of the Public Service Law.

NYISO – New York State Independent System Operator 
An independent management organization, authorized by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, operating the bulk electric transmission system.

LDC – Local Distribution Company 
The Utility company that provides the distribution, customer and energy services for natural gas and electricity

Energy Service Company (ESCO) 
A non-utility business that provides gas or electric commodity
kWh – Kilowatt Hour
This is the unit of measure of electricy. Your electricity rate times the number of kWh consumed gives you your energy cost.

What are ESCOs/energy suppliers?

Energy suppliers, or ESCOs, sell electricity or natural gas to retail customers. ESCO’s must be deemed by the Public Services Commission to be eligible suppliers before acquiring any customers. As suppliers of electricity and/or natural gas, they may offer different energy service options, and other products and services. With respect to the Utility service, the rights and obligations of residential customers are the same whether they take service from an ESCO or from a Utility.

Does competition affect the reliability of my electricity or gas supply?

No, regardless of which Energy Retail Company you decide on, you will still receive the same safe and reliable delivery service from your Utility.

What are the benefits of electricity and gas deregulation?

Electricity and gas deregulation gives you, the customer, the ability to choose your Energy Service Company (ESCO) providing you alternate energy suppliers to the old incumbent Utility. Your existing Utility Company remains responsible for delivering the commodity, maintenance and repair of the gas pipes and power lines and will attend to any emergency or outage you may experience.