Energy Terminology

When shopping for electricity and gas you will come across quite a few energy terms. Here are a few common ones. If you need more information please contact Kiwi Energy Customer Care at 1-877-208-7636 for further assistance. PSC: The Public Services Commission of New York – The state agency responsible [...]

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What are the benefits of electricity and gas deregulation?

Energy deregulation has been around for more than two decades in certain states and is designed to ensure consumers have access to various suppliers and products. While your local utility is still responsible for maintaining the wires, pipes and infrastructure that make up the distribution system, reading your meter and [...]

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What is deregulation?

Prior to the 1990s, every state in the United States regulated its energy industry. There was only one company (the local utility) that was responsible for all components of your energy service. Under deregulation, your local utility still exclusively manages the delivery of your power but the supply, or generation [...]

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What is an energy supplier?

An energy supplier is a company that acquires electricity, renewable energy or natural gas supplies from the wholesale market and sells it retail to homes and businesses. An energy supplier is not your local utility, it does not own or operate the distribution and transmission systems that deliver energy to [...]

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What is the choice program?

Electricity and natural gas choice programs allow residential and commercial users to select a supplier other than the traditional Utility.

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What is consolidated billing?

A billing option that provides customers with a single bill combining charges from one or more service providers and issued by a distribution utility (utility consolidated bill) or by a commodity supplier (ESCO consolidated bill)

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What is the sales agreement?

The Sales Agreement is a document outlining all the terms and conditions related to electricity and gas service. These rules set out the rights and responsibilities of both Kiwi Energy and the customer.

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Does Kiwi Energy guarantee savings?

Kiwi Energy’s current and historical prices are not an indicator of Kiwi Energy’s future prices. Kiwi Energy does not guarantee any savings. Kiwi Energy’s prices may be higher or lower than the LDC’s supply rate in any given month.

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Who do I contact if I experience an outage?

You should contact your local Utility Company. They will normally be able to give you an estimated time for completion. The contact phone numbers for your applicable Utility are listed on your invoice.

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