Kiwi Energy is Supporting Two Teachers’ Participation in the Earthwatch Teach Earth Fellowship Looking at Climate Change at the Arctic Edge

The live fieldwork brings a unique and engaging learning experience direct to the classroom as students follow their educators journey real time and engage in lesson plans derived from these experiences.

The Teach Earth USA Fellowship program is based upon the principle that every individual can be involved in creating a sustainable planet, regardless of their level of scientific skill. Teachers are selected from all subject areas to assist scientists on expeditions by collecting data on climate change and sustainable resource management.

The teachers will measure evidence of global warming near Churchill, a small town on Hudson Bay that’s on the front line of climate change. They will research as they learn all they can about this fragile environment. Teachers will don waist-high waders to take water samples and assess the abundance of the fish and frogs that make these northern wetlands their home. They will help monitor the health of the tree line by examining tree cores, which allow researchers to reconstruct tree life histories; which to date are the oldest living trees this team has found dates from 1643.