Energy scams are a growing problem across the country. Shady “sales representatives” are using clever manipulation tactics to gain access to your personal information or make changes to your current energy plan, sometimes without your knowledge. Fortunately, you can avoid frauds and scams by learning how to identify false claims and understanding how these scams work. 

We have been made aware of scammers pretending to be energy supply companies. We curated a list of items that can help indicate whether a caller or email is from a scammer. Please read the list below to learn how to protect yourself against some phishing emails and telephone scams. 

Calls or Emails May Be a Scam if:

There are several types of energy scams, and unfortunately, we can’t list them all. However, there is typically a common thread of suspicious behavior you can watch out for. 

  • Callers falsely claiming to represent Kiwi Energy (or claiming to be from a similar sounding entity)
  • Callers asking for immediate payment, social security number or credit card information
  • Callers claiming a customer’s bill is past due and electric and/or gas utility will be shut off if they don’t pay immediately
  • Callers that demand an immediate response or that pressure you into acting quickly
  • Callers offering refunds or large savings to entice customers into providing confidential information
  • Callers claiming you are entitled to any sort of money or payment from Kiwi Energy
  • Callers asking for your utility account number or login information and attempting to enroll your account
  • Calls where the caller fails to identify themselves
  • Robocalls from unidentified sources, spam numbers, or phone calls from spoofed/fake phone numbers
  • Calls or emails that make vague and misleading statements
  • Emails that appear to be from Kiwi Energy asking for information or payment
  • Emails that demand an immediate response or attempt to pressure you into acting quickly
  • Emails that do not come from an official Kiwi Energy email
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How to Avoid Scams

In addition to practicing reasonable caution, there are specific things you can do to avoid frauds and scams involving energy companies. Protect yourself from potential scams by:

  • Not releasing confidential or financial information over the phone or by email
  • Not providing login information for your utility account
  • Calling Kiwi Energy if you suspect an email or telephone scam has occurred

An Energy and Gas Provider You Can Trust

Kiwi Energy will never ask for financial or social security information over the phone. If you received a call asking for the above information, please contact us to report such scams for investigation. If you are concerned about a certain call, hang up and call Kiwi Energy directly at 877-208-7636 or email us at [email protected].

If you’re looking for an energy supplier that’s always looking to provide innovative solutions, then check out the Kiwi Energy plans. We’re a great resource for any questions you may have about this type of service. We also encourage consumers to look for ways to reduce energy usage. Check out these great energy-saving tips to lower your monthly bills and preserve natural resources. 

In addition to learning how to avoid scams, learn more about Kiwi Energy plans, tips, and charitable outreach. Choose a company you trust to provide consistently great service and innovative energy options.