It may be so that the air is getting colder and the wind is getting stronger. You may be thinking it’s time to hunker down and cozy up inside, but it’s quite the contrary. Fall happens to be one of the best times of the year to spend outside and enjoying the fresh air. Autumn offers tons of fun activities that you can do as a family for little to no money. Be sure to add these items to your bucket list of activities to do in the fall:

1. Visit a U-Pick Farm

Take advantage of the rich fall harvest by taking a trip to a nearby U-Pick Farm. This is a great way to spend time outdoors, support local farmers, and help get your kids excited about eating fresh, local foods. Costs vary depending on your location/farm and the type of produce that you’re picking, but the prices generally tend to be significantly less expensive than grocery store prices.

Check out or to find a local U-Pick near you.

2. Plant Spring Bulbs

This is another fun way to spend time in nature while enjoying the crisp fall air.  You’ll be happy you planted a few bulbs when March comes and you begin to see life growing back into your garden! Some of the best plants for spring blooming include tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, buttercups, snowdrops, crocuses, and irises.  Throughout the fall you can find bulbs for sale at most nurseries and home goods warehouses like the Home Depot.

3. Volunteer

With the holidays soon approaching, there is truly no better time like fall to give back to the planet or your local community. You and your family can volunteer for a local park or environmental organization you feel strongly about, or you can even create your own philanthropic initiatives. Some ideas include including picking up trash in your neighborhood as a family or offering a hand to an elderly neighbor in tackling their fall chores (i.e. raking leaves, cleaning out gutters, caulking doors, and windows).

Whatever you choose to do, volunteering is the ideal way to teach your kids the value of giving back.

4. Hike in the Fall Foliage

Fall is a great time to exercise outdoors because it’s easier to do so in colder weather. Hiking is the perfect vehicle for staying active throughout the colder months while enjoying the wonderful colors of the changing seasons and admiring the epic scenery. Healthy lifestyle habits, which include exercising and spending time in mother nature, are not only critical to instill in your children but are a great way for you to spend quality time together doing something productive. Plus, staying fit and maintaining a regular exercise regimen throughout the holidays will help you feel a little bit less guilty about that second slice of apple pie.

5. Wander Through a Corn Maze

Nothing says fall quite like a corn maze. Not only is perusing through a corn maze a creative and fun outdoor activity for your family, but it’s also beneficial to the local economy! In Fact,  according to a report by the Huffington Post, many farmers even use the maze for extra income – earning up to $50,000 for three acres of corn.

Studies have shown time and time again that spending time in mother nature is good for your mental and physical well-being. Some even attest that it’s actually crucial for optimal health. Some of the benefits of nature include:

  • Improved short-term memory
  • Decreased stress
  • Increased energy
  • Improved immunity
  • Lower risk of seasonal sniffles

At Kiwi Energy, the environment is top of mind. Not only do we encourage our customers and employees to take advantage of earth’s gifts, but we also place an emphasis on the importance of protecting it by offering environmentally conscious energy solutions and by rewarding our customers for making the right choices for our planet through the Ecogold Loyalty Program.

Kiwi Energy also supports non-profit organizations running eco-focused projects through the Ecogold Environmental Fund. For each customer that signs up with Kiwi Energy, a contribution is made to the fund. If you’re not a customer, sign up and join us in our mission of creating a more sustainable future. If you are a customer, be sure to refer a friend! You’ll receive $50 in your Ecogold account and your friend will get $25.

We only have one planet. Nurture it, embrace it, and reap its benefits. Autumn will come and go before you know it, so make an effort to get outside with your family before we’re greeted by the snowstorms and polar freezes of winter.