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Receive complimentary membership to the Ecogold Loyalty Plan and gain either 7% in Ecogold Rewards or 5% Cash Back on your Kiwi Energy supply costs as well as up to 30% off participating brands. Offer is available only for residential and small-commercial customers.

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Kiwi Clean + Wind RECgenergy
Wind REC is certified by Green-e Energy

Applicable only to Residential Customers. All customers that joined prior to March 21, 2017 will continue to receive Kiwi Clean, that is electricity matched 100% with Renewable Energy Certificates however the RECs are not Green-e Energy certified. You will need to contact Kiwi Energy to switch your account to receive Green-e Energy certified RECs with your electricity. For more information about the Green-e Energy certified product Wind REC view the Prospective Product Content Label

Zero Gasg-e-climate-certified-square
Zero Gas is certified by Green-e Climate

Applicable only to Residential Customers. All customers that joined prior to March 21, 2017 will continue to receive Zero Gas that is gas matched 100% with Carbon Offsets however the Carbon Offsets are not Green-e Climate certified. You would need to contact Kiwi Energy to switch your account to receive Green-e Climate certified Carbon Offsets with your natural gas. For more information about the Green-e Climate certified product Zero Gas view the Carbon Offset Content Label.


Support your environment with the Ecogold Environmental Fund

Every time a customer joins Kiwi Energy we make a contribution to the Ecogold Environmental Fund, these contributions help support organizations and groups running environmental projects. If you’re planning a project to support the environment or you’re running one already please contact us, we’ve got the energy to make it happen!


Switching Is Easy

It’s easy to switch to Kiwi Energy, once you’ve enrolled with us, you will receive one final bill with supply charges from your previous provider, on the following bill Kiwi Energy will be your supplier. You will continue to receive just one single monthly bill from your local utility company for your Kiwi Energy supply charges and your utility delivery charges.


Create a sustainable future with environmentally conscious options for your home 

Kiwi Energy offers environmentally conscious products through participating brands that help you care for the environment and make the right choice at the same time.

Current offers available only to Residential Customers.
Switching to a third-party electric supplier is not mandatory. You have the option to remain with your utility (Local Distribution Company) for your basic supply service.

Wind REC is Green-e Energy certified and Zero Gas is Green-e Climate certified. These products meet the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more about Green-e and Verified Carbon Standard at www.green-e.org and v-c-s.org.
Green-e Energy is the nation’s leading voluntary certification program for renewable energy. Green-e Climate is the first and only independent third-party certification program for retail Carbon Offsets sold in the voluntary market.

7% in Ecogold Rewards can be redeemed once you accumulate $25 and for every $50 reward thereafter. 5% cash back is after 12 consecutive months of Kiwi Energy supply costs.*
Log in to ecogold.us to see the full list of offers and terms. **
Customer needs to have been with Kiwi Energy for 30 days. ***

For more useful information on Ecogold and our participating brands please visit ecogold.us.