The final days of summer are sadly upon us, with the first day of fall (September 21st) just weeks away. Don’t worry – there is still plenty of time to conquer some of the epic things the season has to offer. Below we’ve listed 10 activities that we feel are mandatory to do in order to feel confident that you made the best out of your summer.

1. Have a picnic in the park. Bring reusable utensils, water bottles, and containers to minimize waste, and opt for organic and vegan food options purchased from a local vendor to minimize the environmental impact of your food choices

2. Plant a tree

3. Go camping. You can do this at a local campground, the woods, or even as close as your own backyard! Don’t forget your reusables, non-toxic bug spray and sunscreen, and to pick up any trash you and your family generate during your trip

4. Spend an evening stargazing. Simply go outside with a comfortable blanket or chair and pick a spot with minimal lighting. Spending time in nature and admiring the beautiful night sky is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day

5. Volunteer for an environmental non-profit (this can include a national/local park or garden or some sort of wildlife/nature center in your area). Check out to find environmental volunteer opportunities near you

6. Most of us have explored our local woods by hiking or biking through them, but before summer is over, be sure to take the opportunity to explore your area’s nature by water – either by canoe or kayak! This is a great way to soak up some sunshine, experience mother nature from a new perspective and observe wildlife

7. Go on a hike and collect items to create art or home decor using objects from nature. Some DYI ideas include pressing flowers into a piece of art you can hang in your home or office (or even give someone as a gift), making a terrarium, or creating a wreath to hang on your front door

8. Practice yoga in the park. Exercise mindfulness and connect with nature simultaneously. Most yoga studios offer outdoor yoga classes during the summer months, so finding one to attend should be easy

9. As an alternative to grocery shopping, head to a local u-pick farm with family or friends to harvest some organic or sustainably-grown produce. You’ll not only acquire some delicious healthy ingredients for the week, but you’ll also help contribute to your city’s economy

10. Host an end-of-summer cookout! Encourage friends to walk or carpool to your home, avoid disposables, and offer plenty of organic vegetarian options (which were prepared using ingredients you purchased from a local vendor)

These are some of our favorite summer activities (and how to keep them eco-friendly) that we qualify as “must-do’s” before the season ends. There are plenty of other outdoor activities that you can get explore as well! It’s just important to maintain a connection with mother nature so whatever outdoor adventure it is that you’re into, be sure to take full advantage of it before the cold weather arrives!

Studies have shown time and time again how spending time outside benefits you.  Some of these mental and physical benefits include:

  •       Reduced stress
  •       Improved sleep
  •       Improved mood
  •       Enhanced focus
  •       Enhanced self-esteem
  •       Immunity boost
  •       Lowered blood pressure
  •       Increased energy levels

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