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Don’t suffer in a hot humid room this summer! Live in the comfort you deserve

Have you noticed stuffy, humid or drafty rooms in your home? Kiwi Energy has teamed up with Sealed to help you fix these problems so you can live in the comfort you deserve!

As a Kiwi Energy customer you may be eligible to have a free comprehensive home energy assessment with Sealed (a $250 value) your first step towards improving your home comfort. Kiwi Energy will also give you $25 in EcoGold Rewards after your Sealed Energy Assessment and $100 towards your Sealed Custom Home Energy Project. *Only homeowners with single-family homes are eligible for Sealed’s services at this time.


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What to expect at your free no obligation home energy assessment:

  • A certified Sealed Home Energy Advisor will use infrared technology and other tests to identify air leakage, examine attic and crawlspace insulation levels, and check your heating equipment for safety and efficiency
  • You’ll learn what improvements could make your house more comfortable (fixing problems like drafts, humid and stuffy rooms, cold floors)
  • You’ll receive a custom report with a quote for a recommended home comfort improvement project. Potential improvements include sealing up cracks and gaps in the home, increasing attic and wall insulation, and heating system upgrades
  • Sealed will qualify you for rebates and the Sealed PAYS program to help cover the costs of your home comfort improvement project

To schedule your free assessment call Kiwi Energy at 1-877-208-7636 or click the button below


Assessments and Projects are available for qualifying home owners, only homeowners with single-family homes are eligible for Sealed’s services at this time*

Kiwi Energy is pleased to offer information regarding home energy assessment services as provided by Sealed Inc., an independent third party provider of such services. Kiwi Energy includes this material on its website for informational purposes only and makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, value, integrity, completeness, or authenticity of this information. Kiwi Energy expressly disclaims any and all liability related to the use or reliance on this information. **