The origin of Valentine’s Day is murky, and even the identity of St. Valentine is unclear, but one thing that is certain is that Valentine’s Day has become a spectacle of consumerism and a burden on the natural resources of our planet.

Celebrate a green Valentine’s Day and share your love of the planet as you share your love for one another with eco-friendly gifts for him and her.

Upcycle Your Love
The cost of Valentine’s cards and gifts goes beyond dollars and cents; there is a significant environmental impact too. By upcycling and creating your own cards and gifts, you can help reduce waste and carbon emissions. Plus, putting time into making a gift rather than just grabbing something off the shelf shows you really care.

Some fun ideas for upcycled earth friendly gifts are: has a whole host of Valentine’s Day green gifts for her and eco-friendly gifts for him. Better yet, make a day of it! Each person chooses a project, shops for the materials, and then spends their time together creating and enjoying each other’s company.

Fair Trade for a Fair Maiden . . . or Your Man
Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are pretty and also pretty tasty, but the excess paper and plastic packaging are bad for the environment, and cocoa farmers are some of the most unjustly-compensated agrarians.

Share your sweetness with a gift of fair trade chocolate, or help boost the global economy with other fair trade products like coffee and honey.

Give Second Hand a Second Thought
Jewelry is a wonderful gift, but the mining of diamonds and gold is a human rights and environmental nightmare. Thrift stores, antique shops, and flea markets can be marvelous outlets for exquisite pieces of jewelry.

Get creative! If you can’t find a single piece of bling that works, find a few you can mix and match or take apart and make something original.

Get Cookin’
Save your fancy dinner at a fine restaurant for another time (like when they aren’t so crowded). Have a green Valentine’s Day by planning a meal and then, like with creating your upcycled gifts, make a day of it.

Start your day by planning your menu together, or extend the celebration by doing it the night before. Spend your morning hitting the farmer’s market, bakery, and the local butcher as you choose the just-right ingredients.

For the afternoon, enjoy a winery tour, in search of the perfect pairing for your Valentine’s meal. Your tour guides can surely help you pick the perfect organic wine.

Green Gifts for Her and Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him
As society is starting to better understand the impact of non-renewable items, more and more eco-friendly products are becoming available. For him or her, or the two of you together, these gifts are sure to be a hit with your eco-friendly partner:

  • Massage
  • Potted plant
  • Essential oils
  • Sustainable sheets and towels
  • Bamboo cutlery set
  • Reusable straws
  • Sustainable lingerie for her
  • Eco-friendly underwear for him

The Gift of Time
Time is such a precious thing, so sharing yours is the most generous gift you can give. Share your time, not things. Plan a new adventure and learn together. You can try:

  • Dance lessons
  • Scuba certification
  • Cooking classes
  • Learning to knit
  • Ad so much more!

It’s About Time
So many decisions we make boil down to striving to leave a better tomorrow. By choosing earth-friendly gifts and celebrating a green Valentine’s Day, you can fill your day with romance while you make a responsible social choice. To further the cause, contact Kiwi Energy to help create a sustainable energy future.