Mother’s Day is a very special day worthy of a thoughtful gift to show Mom how special she is and how much you love her. Coming up with Mother’s Day gift ideas that are original and exciting can be daunting. What better way to show her that we love her than to give her a gift that is respectful of this wonderful world she brought us into since Mother Earth is a mother to us all. Eco-friendly gifts show respect for life.

Gift Ideas

All moms aren’t the same, so a one-size-fits-all gift won’t work. Mother’s Day gifts are screaming at us from everywhere, but they rarely seem good enough for the woman who has given us so much. Good Mother’s Day gifts should be something that you know your mom will like. There are many types of Mother’s Day gift ideas that are eco-friendly. Below are a few options.

1. Soap Nuts

Good Mother’s Day gifts may not necessarily conjure up cleaning products. But, sometimes the little niceties in life are very special. These little nuts are the chemical-free soap that can be used to do laundry. While this gift may not seem too exciting, it might be one of the most thoughtful Mother’s Days gifts she has ever received. You can always let her know how precious she is to you and how you want to protect her.

2. Spring Bulbs

Good Mother’s Day gifts aren’t hard to find if you know what your mom likes. What is more eco-friendly than spring bulbs you can plant for her that will bloom in the summer and attract butterflies and bumblebees. If your mom loves her garden or yard, then this will be a gift she will appreciate. Help her plant the bulbs as part of the gift.

3. Divine Chocolate

When the idea of Mother’s Day gifts comes up, chocolate is always a consideration for many mothers known for a sweet tooth. Good Mother’s Day gifts that are the most meaningful show her that you are thinking about her with a gift you’ll know she likes. This chocolate is produced on a farmer’s coop, Kuapa Kokoo, located in Ghana, Africa. The company’s mission is to develop cocoa in an eco-friendly way. This special gift is one of the Mother’s Days gifts she will always remember if you explain to her how the farmers all own company shares and that they promote women’s full participation in Kuapa’s activities.

4. Charity Pot Beauty Cream by Lush

What can be more personal than Mother’s Day gift ideas related to personal and beauty products she will actually use herself. Mom will feel pampered by the wonderful feel of this cream on her skin. Luxurious Mother’s Day gifts like this skin product will make her feel special. Just like mom’s always been a giver, Lush donates 100 percent of its profits (excluding taxes)to small environmental conservation, animal, and human rights groups operating at the grassroots level to improve the world.

5. Chemical Free Bath Bombs

Turn mom’s bathroom into a spa with one of the best Mother’s Day gifts you could buy for a bath lover. As Mother’s Day gift ideas go, bath bombs are a favorite.

6. Reusable Water Bottle

While a fancy water bottle may not evoke the first image a child thinks of when they consider thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts to buy as a way to show their love and appreciation to one of the most special women they will ever know, it can be a very nice gift. There are some high-quality ones for sale these days. This will save your mother money from lugging home heavy packs of bottled water. It may also protect her health since bottled water is sketchy at best with recent reports discussing plastic residue in most bottled water.

7. A Tree

One of my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas is to buy her something that will last a long time, like a tree. Trees are good for the planet. Pick out something you know she’ll like and plant it for her.


Good Mother’s Day gifts aren’t hard to find if you know your mom and you are prepared to give her gift some thought. Your gift should show you thought about it specifically for her and believed she would like it. Simply ask yourself this question and you’ll know whether your gift works. If your mom were to ask you why you bought that specific gift, can you answer the question?

If you don’t know why you are buying a particular gift for your mom, then don’t buy it. Find a better gift that you know she will like. Keep looking until you can tell yourself, “Mom would like this for this reason.” That is the best test to use.