With Mother’s Day a few weeks away, you’re probably starting to think about what you should get her, or what you should do to celebrate. Unfortunately, as with most holidays and celebrations, this day has become overrun by consumerism. We’re asking the simple question – what for? It doesn’t have to be this way! For most moms, the best gift of all is truly just being able to spend some quality time with her kids.

That’s why this year, we’re suggesting that you bypass all of conventional, consumerism and give your mother the gift of an experience instead (or even better, an adventure!) that you guys can do together. You’ll save money, minimize your environmental impact, and make your mom the happiest woman in the world.

Below are some fun, eco-friendly (and inexpensive!) activities that you and your mom can do together to celebrate her special day.

1. Head to the great outdoors! A few ideas include:

  • Hiking (invite the whole family and get everyone to turn off their cell phones so that you all can truly be present and enjoy your time together)
  • Biking
  • Camping (or Glamping!)
  • Canoeing/kayaking
  • Mountain Climbing (or biking)
  • White water rafting
  • Beach (paddle boarding, surfing, snorkeling)
  • Skipping the conventional Mother’s Day Brunch and go on a picnic at an easy-to-get-to destination instead (remember to pack reusable containers, silverware, and cups)
  • Spend the morning/afternoon at a state or national park
  • Visit a nurse or botanical garden
  • Garden together
  • Sign up for an outside class (i.e. outdoor yoga, or perhaps something a little more adventurous – like an edible food/foraging class!)

2. Thrift shop til you drop

  • Retail therapy is as relaxing for mom as it is for you! Head to your local vintage shops for rare finds that are cheaper and ready to be upcycled
  • Remember that purchasing second-hand has the added benefit of being better for the environment than buying things new

3.Give her an at-home beauty experience

  • Set the ambiance and relaxing mood by lighting eco-friendly soy candles and her favorite music playing
  • Prepare DIY facial scrubs and hair masks (you can even cut up some cucumber slices like they do at the fancy spas and retreats!)

4.Make her brunch/dinner, or, if she’s more of a hands-on type of woman, cook together!

  • Remember to shop locally for ingredients for mom’s feast – purchasing from neighborhood businesses not only contributes to your local economy, but it also reduces your food miles (since local ingredients do not need to be transported long distances before reaching you)

5.Host a game night

  • Get all of your mom’s favorite games, snacks, and drinks and organize all of the prep and cleanup

6.Volunteer together

  • Pick a local non-profit that your mom is passionate about and spend some time volunteering together
  • Not only is this a great way to bond, but your mom will be so pleased that you thought of such a thoughtful way for you two to spend time together

Mother’s Day is a very special day, so we understand that you want to find a thoughtful way to show your Mom how special she is and how much you love her. But coming up with Mother’s Day ideas that are original and exciting can be a handful. Add in affordable and eco-friendly, and the challenge becomes even harder. But What better way to express your gratitude than to by honoring your mom in a way that is respectful of this wonderful world she brought you into? These great ideas will allow you two to spend some quality time together without compromising the environment.

Kiwi Energy prioritizes helping you minimize your footprint. By managing your purchasing and consumption habits, and reducing your individual waste, you will save time and money, help reduce emissions, and conserve energy and precious natural resources. By celebrating and honoring your mom this Mother’s Day in an eco-centric fashion, you can cut help contribute to a more sustainable future.

If you’re interested in finding other ways that you can help work towards a sustainable future, check out our Products page to learn about our eco-conscious energy and natural gas solutions.