Kiwi Energy and The Ecogold Environmental Fund are Proud Supporters of EarthSpark International

EarthSpark empowers communities by eradicating energy poverty. Efforts are focused in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, where just 25% of households are connected to electricity grids while the remaining 75% rely on lighting from kerosene lamps and wax candles. This is unsafe as well as costly.

EarthSpark works at three levels:

At the community level, to develop clean energy businesses that sell solar light bulbs, energy efficient cookstoves, and other energy-efficient technologies.

At the country level, to develop the supply chains necessary to deliver the goods, services, and knowledge the community businesses need in order to sustain themselves.

Internationally, investigating and partnering with organizations to locate the best energy technologies and providing support to supply chains and community businesses.

On November 2012, EarthSpark launched Haiti’s first pre-paid Microgrid in the small town of Les Anglais. This microgrid serves over 50 customers with 24-hour electricity and will be expanded in 2014 to connect the remaining 400 homes and businesses in Les Anglais.